IN LOVING MEMORY OF Msgr. Corley; Fr. Corley; Fr. Joe; Guiseppe Corleone. FAVORITE QUOTES, REFLECTIONS, MESSAGES BY MSGR CORLEY: · “You’re gonna have to serve somebody; well, it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” -Bob Dylan, sung by Msgr. many times around the rectory. · “Communication is the key to our Success... “Going up yonder to meet my Lord”... “God has sent me two angels! ...but I’m still waiting for them to arrive.” -ND & AF · “This Train keeps moving Forward.” -Women’s Group. · “How To Recognize People - ‘Under the Influence’ of Faith" They do not boast about accomplishments. Their identity is spiritual. It is not based on achievements, failures, looks, possessions, or roles. Faith allows them to be ready for life's joys and sorrows. They have ideals and they are realistic. They cherish the gifts of LIFE, FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS and FREEDOM. They are not dominated by fear, guilt or despair”-Marianne Reynolds · “Welcome to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in beautiful downtown Darby, PA....where all the men are STRONG, the women are BEAUTIFUL, and the children are ABOVE AVERAGE!" -Angela Afilani · “You’re a good man Charlie Brown” -Buck Clark · "May the Force be with you" -MT · “The seeds of resurrection are in all your experiences”... “He brings new life to us when we’re broken”... “See the fingerprints of God”... “If you think that God’s not talking to you, it’s just that you’re not listening”... “Life is a gift. God's mercy is more than we expect, more than we deserve, and more than we can measure”... “God works through imperfect people”... “Jesus is God’s revelation of Love”... “God offers grace to the good and the evil, the just and the unjust”... “Accept the fact that your present situation may not be what you wanted or expected, and surrender to the mystery of God’s comforting, powerful presence in your life”... “A lot of people will admire Jesus; very few will follow him”... “Hunger for the Word of God”... “Accept your limits and imperfections in the light of God’s mercy and grace and do the same for others”... -Barbara Con-sorto · “A humble person knows he/she is not God, does not know everything and realizes all people have strength and weakness”... “Don’t worry about the future, protect your soul today”... “When we die, we will be asked one question: Did you love anybody?”... “Love does not measure or calculate”... “As the Bible says: it is not good to be alone”... “Lent is good for your soul because it reminds us we have a soul”... “The heart of Christ was revealed in his desire, his motivation to free people from sin, despair, the power of fear and even the sting of death.” -Chuck Bradford

WE REMEMBER HIS REFLECTIONS: A time to be grateful for what we have: “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE” was written by Francesco Sarton and Lucio Guarantotto. It achieved worldwide appreciation around 1998 when sung by Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman. The words and music can stir up feelings of sadness and tender love. It is a romantic song about two people who love each other, but must “say goodbye” because of a serious illness. It is beautiful. Sung in English or Italian, it touches our emotions in a powerful way. When I hear the song, it reminds me to appreciate the things and people around me because eventually we all must say “goodbye”. I pray when it is “Time to say goodbye” each one of us will do it without regrets or resentment but with peace, love and gratitude in our hearts. Until that day comes, may we be grateful for the beauty of creation, all the won-derful people we have loved, and the life affirming experiences we have shared. “LIFE IS OUR GREATEST GIFT.” -8/18/2013 TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO CHERISH LIFE AS A SACRED GIFT. As a people of faith, we are reminded that God will provide the grace we need to renew and deepen our respect for life from conception to natural death. Life is one of the five greatest gifts (along with Faith, family, Friends, and Freedom). Because life is a blessing, we cannot only talk about respecting life, we must speak and act in ways that will help people who suffer with addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse and the human trafficking of young and old, male and female. Our children have to be pro-tected from the poisonous effects of pornography, violence, abortion and prejudice actions. May the sacred heart of Mary inspire us to cherish life the way she loved Jesus. -9/23/18. “BECOMING CHRIST CENTERED”“Will this be my last Advent?” Something in my Irish DNA pushes my button for dread and I begin wondering when “It” will be over for me on earth. Flannery O’Conner believed our hearts were either “Christ Centered or Christ Haunted.” I try to make room in the center of my heart for the Lord, but I am sometimes haunted with memories of past regrets and missed opportunities. When considering my “It” I find salvation in two unexpected and redeeming attitudes. First, knowing that being in the sunset of life, I escape fear by staying awake. I look for the joy, hope, new life, sense of wonder, gratitude and excitement in all things. Being conscious of “It” makes me appreciate the simple pleasures of life; good food, a warm shower, a movie, a joke, conversation, music, or the memory of the presence of grace in my life. Second, the thought of meeting St. Peter when I am not ready, willing, or prepared makes me pay more attention to people I see often – friends, family, staff, those who have loved me, encouraged, inspired, corrected and forgiven me. I want my heart to be less concerned about “It” and more centered on becoming like the One who is always with and saves us. -2017

Message from Monsignor’s Family: At the anniversary of my brother Joe’s passing my family and I again want to thank the congregation of BVM for all the love and support that we received from all of you. I know how much you all loved him and still miss his presence in your lives as do I and my family. -Fred & Marge Corley and family

The Mass celebrated by the Blessed Virgin Mary Community in loving memory of our beloved pastor,

Monsignor Joseph M. Corley.

           1101 Main Street, Darby, PA 19023-1407     
      Rectory   610-583-2128       Fax   610-583-9829

     As I sit in heaven and watch you every day I try to let you know the signs I never went away. I hear you when you’re laughing and watch you as you sleep, I even place my arms around you to calm you as you weep. I see you wish the days away begging to have me home. So I try to send you signs so you know you are not alone. Don’t feel guilty that you have life that was denied to me; Heaven is truly beautiful just you wait and see.

                               So live your life,

                                       Laugh again


                       Good News!                   

Our Pastor, Rev. Joseph M. Corley, has been named monsignor by Pope with the title Chaplain of His Holiness, the archdiocese announced Monday, Nov. 6, 2017.  

        Care for young people and the faithful of urban parishes has marked the ministry of Father Corley. From working in the Office for Youth and Young Adults in the 1980s to stints teaching at Cardinal O’Hara and Hallahan high schools through the ‘90s, Father Corley has served since 1998 as pastor of B.V.M. Parish in Darby. He also currently serves on the College of Consultors and Council of Priests, is dean of the Eastern Delaware County Deanery and is rector of Villa St. Joseph, the retirement community in Darby for elderly and infirm priests.

       The honors were conferred during a vespers service with the new monsignors, other priests, bishops and guests on Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017
in the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.

We are so proud of you, Father Corley,
​and we add,
  Deo gratias!   -  WELL DESERVED!

In Memoriam... This Page is Dedicated to our beloved Pastor Monsignor Joseph M. Corley

Celebrating over 100 years of  Faith, Hope, Love and Community.

Blessed Virgin Mary Church