Blessed Virgin Mary Church

Celebrating over 100 years of  Faith, Hope, Love and Community.

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"I can do things you cannot,
   you can do things I cannot,
    together, we can do
​       great things."
                             -Mother Teresa-

What can you do for your parish?

Our Parish is a community,

     with every member of our family being important,

        with each member of our family sharing its time, love and talents.    

             A Family needs each other to survive and grow!

If you have a special talent, some extra time,
      or just a heart that wants to reach out
to another member
           of our parish family and community,

                please consider volunteering.

                      Christ has no hands, but ours! 

Here are a few ways your parish family needs your help:

Volunteer to be BVM's Representative

      for Persons with Disabilities--Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Become a member of St. Vincent de Paul Society

      and help distribute food to our local families in need.

Share food with those in need:   Aid for Friends

We are in need of food for the Aids for Friends.

Utensils needed for preparing the food are available at the Rectory. 

The following groups could also use your help:

                   Eucharistic Ministers

                         Gardening Angels

                                      Choir Member

                                             Project Hope

For more information, call Father Corley at the Rectory. 610-583-2128

"I can do things you cannot,

       you can do things I cannot,

             together, we can do great things."

                             -Mother Teresa-


Join as a member to support our school children.


Altar Society

Meets on Saturdays at 8:45 AM in the Church.


Meets on Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 PM &

Saturdays 7:30-8:30 PM

in the Rectory Basement

Click here to Visit the official website:

Blessed Virgin Mary Church Catholic Women's Association

Meets on 3rd Sunday of each month atfter 11 AM Mass in BVM Hall

We meet monthly

This is a community of Catholic Women to support each other
​ through faith and service.

​Please join us!


St. Vincent de Paul Society

Food Distribution Program

Monday and Thursday 9:30 to 11:00 AMin the old school building.

For further information please call Peg at 610-308-4246.

BVM's St. Vincent de Paul Society provides food for many people each month.

(In October, they provided meals for 1222 individuals).

This important ministry can always use help. 

If you can volunteer for an hour or two on Mondays and/or Thursdays from 9:30-11 please call Peg at 610-308-4246. 

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic Church voluntary organization dedicated to the sanctification of its members through serving the poor and disadvantaged.


                               Barbara Shelly (tickets) 610-237-8479

                                Chris Noll (winners) 610-583-8919

        Buy a ticket or become a seller of our Lottery tickets. 

   Catch BVM Lottery fever and have fun while supporting your parish.

Directors are Maria Cavallaro, Tricia Millaway and Consuela Saunders​.

The CYO is an excellent programbenefiting our children. 

In order to continue this wonderful program next year

we are asking for you to come forward to help with coaching, organization, etc.

Call Fr. Corley.

Sportsdo not build character.......they reveal it.

John Wooden

                                             **BVM CYO FUNDRAISING
BVM CYO program will be doing a fundraising campaign with Modell’s Sporting Goods from 11/09/2018 – 12/06/2018.  Modell’s has supplied us discount cards for 15% off of all purchases made. The CYO will receive 5% of all sale purchases after the minimum amount has been purchased. If you would like to help support the CYO program, please see Monsignor Corley for the discount cards. Thanks for your support!  Support our CYO Through the United Way

BVM -CYO United Way Number is #06918

By using this number, your United Way donation
will support your parish children.  
Please contact your employer to

support BVM Catholic Youth Organization.