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August 13, 2017

A few weeks ago I read in the paper that one of the top golfers was
not playing up to par (excuse the Charlie Watson pun). 
At one point his caddy looked at him and reportedly said, 
“Yo! What’s wrong with you? 
Don’t you know you are one of the world’s greatest golfers? 
You are playing like an amateur.  Now get yourself together. 
Hit the ball like a real pro.  I know you can do better.”
And, the pro golfer went on to play an
outstanding round of golf that day.  
I believe our Church is like that caddy. 
The Church looks at people, at the world, and in the name of God says,
“I know you can do better.”  

Clearly, the world could do better with less violence and more peace and justice; 
by replacing corruption and lies with honesty and moral integrity.  
Over the year, I have pictured the Church as
 a Beehive, the Tree of Life, 
a Prophet, a Nurse, a Shelter, a Samaritan,  
a Community that provides light, and a Field Hospital.

I like the idea of the Church being a voice of encouragement in the world. 
She replaces words of doubt with faith, despair with hope and hate with love
The Church is a voice that tells the world,
“You can do better."


Rev. Joseph M. Corley


August 6, 2017


They Tried to Live the Gospel Life

Their Entire Adult Lives

Over the last month or so, I have had the joy
of speaking with retired Archdiocesan priests
at Villa St. Joseph, in Darby and
retired Franciscan Sisters of Assisi House in Aston, PA.  
  I know most of the priests at the Villa.

 Many of them taught me when I was younger.

I’m still learning from them.
Their kindness,
support and wisdom bring joy to my heart.
I  get a boost of enthusiasm when I hear them comment on the priesthood, and what is happening in the Church and 
world today.  

The Sisters of St. Francis, who live at Assisi House in Aston,
 were a pleasure to be with. Most of them taught or were nurses.
In their late 80’s, they continue to have the sparks of faith and compassion in their eyes.  
The Priests and Sisters were humble.
They persevered in living the Gospel Life their entire adult lives.
I admire them.
May we imitate their faith and endurance.      


Rev. Joseph M. Corley 


July 30, 2017



In the beginning wasThe Promise, and The Promise was from God

and sent by God to lead us, guide us, shine light before us

and accomplish a loving and divine plan.

The Promise is alive and calls us forward,

draws us to the tree of life, to rainbows and doves,

to sacrificial rams and endless fires, to blood on rocks and hands,

to covenants, to altars, to Eucharist,  for all.

It is creative and providential.

The Promise is insurance for travelers.

It comes to us in a gentle breeze, a driving wind, and human flesh.

It is the affirmation of life - no empty or broken arrangement.

It is the attraction of beauty and truth
leading us past fear, despair, guilt,  and death.

It adapts to human weakness. In it we are invited to trust.

It is the soul’s infusion with confident hope, divine life
and love’s inspiration poured into our hearts.

It casts out all anxiety and feeds its children with freedom, comfort, and courage.

It is potential in every breath, every seed, every cell, every birth.

It is offered to every generation, to every man, woman, and child.

This Promise was given in the beginning, is now, and will be forever.



Rev. Joseph M. Corley


July 23, 2017

     So I’m walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City, N.J.

and I notice a young father talking to his little girl (probably about three)

who was sitting on a bench.

This is what happened. 

The father looking at her face to face gave her instructions.

Both were dressed for the beach.  

I slow down and hear him say, “Daddy has to make a call.

I’ll be at the end of the bench. I want you to sit here.

Don’t move. Don’t go anywhere. Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy,” the cutie responds.   He moves to the end of the bench.

She immediately  gets up and runs towards the ice cream stand.

After the scene is repeated twice, the dad finally realizes that

he must sit with his daughter while he makes the call.  

That girl had a mind of her own, and a desire for ice cream.

God bless all young fathers and their daughters!     


Rev. Joseph M. Corley

P.S.- She did get her ice cream.