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   Prayer for Firefighters, Police Officers and EMTs

Lord, God of Mercy, we gather today to give thanks

for the firefighters, police officers and EMTs of our local community.

Send down Your blessings on these, Your servants,

who so generously devote themselves to helping others.

Grant them courage when they are afraid,

wisdom when they have to make quick decisions,

strength when they are weary,

and compassion in all their work.

When the alarm sounds, and they are called to aid both friend and stranger,

let them faithfully serve You in their neighbor,

and keep them safe.


    We Give Thanks for  Those Who Protect and Serve.

   James  Montgomery                          Lt. Col. Michael Rasback, USAF                          Tim Sechrist

     Anthony Sloan, USN                       Brennan Sullivan                                                      Michael Sweeney, USMC

                                                                      Robert Wilson

Ian Forbes                                                Terrance Foster                                    Christopher Fry       
Charles M. Gallagher                           Emily Hannigan
                                    Nicholas Huozda                                         
​Staff Sgt Chris Kinne,USAF          
    Matthew J. Loheide

 Tim Anderlonis, USMC                         George Barbine                                        Joseph Barbine

  Aracelis Mari Caceres                          Michael Dixon                                           Billy Farmer.