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 Did You Know?
 Classes are conducted virtually through Zoom.
     To register, please call the Rectory 
        610-583-2128    or  email:

is now open
       please send any requests to the rectory
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 Go to the web and find ---- CATHOLICPHILLY.COM 
                  for weekly news from the Archdiocese

~Please donate to the~~~~
Donations are being accepted/needed for
 BVM Thrift Shop~ Christmas Bazaar-2021. 
      Please contact Chuck Bradford at 610 545 9238 for more info

Mark your Calendars!

HALLOWEEN/SPAGHETTI DINNER:scheduled forOct. 23rd, but is subject to change. Costumes, Music, Prizes, Food & a spooky good time.  Info about how to purchase tickets coming soon. Stay Tuned!

        **Tell People About BVM School**

                    and be sure to stress two things:

   1.  It is an outstanding education in a Christian Environment.

   2. It is AFFORDABLE.  We will help people  apply for vouchers and grants.

Because of Covid-19 the following                           UPDATES are:________

-- Baptisms, Confessions, Marriages & funerals will take place, but with limitation of participants

-- BVM/St. Louis church will be open for private prayer, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament & Word of God Scripture Readings.

-- Daily MASS offered each day for deceased by Fr. Mariano, Fr. David, Fr. Francis & Fr. Javier in their private Mass for the Day.

​-- BVM School - check school  website for updates

-- Rectory Office closed to tuition payments and Sunday collections can be mailed to BVM Rectory, 1101 Main Street, Darby, PA 19023  Rectory staff will be available--
call 610-583- 2128
or email: bvmrectory/

-- St. Vincent dePaul Food Bank Mondays 8 -10AM

-- RCIA, Prep Classes, School Activities, Thrift Shop & BVM Lottery postponed until further notice

  Congratulations to Schola Eburuoh and her parents!

                  Schola, a graduate of Blessed Virgin Mary School
                   has graduated with honors in the Class of  2021 at 
                   The Catholic University of America, where she
                     received the Presidential   Award and will continue
                     her education at Harvard University  as she pursues
                     her Master's Degree in Architecture.

God bless you, Schola. 

​BVM  is so proud of you!

 Question: My friend has never heard of Christ and I want to share the Gospel with her but I'm afraid to. How do I share my faith?

Answer: There are a lot of ways to bring up the topic of religion, without being judgmental or pushy. Begin by asking what her thoughts are about religion, or what her experience was growing up. Finding common ground is often easier than you think because the questions and problems we have about God, the presence of evil, our purpose in life, and our relationship with God are universal concerns. Why are you afraid? If you do not want to insult or offend someone, don't be pushy or judgmental. If you are uncertain about how to explain your own faith, do a little reading or practice with a friend. If you measure success only by this person converting, focus your attention more on beginning the conversation, not on bringing it to a perfect close! Faith is a journey of many acts of belief, many discussions about God, and many choices about how we practice what we preach. In some we will have great success; in others, we will need forgiveness and perseverance. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Holy Spirit is always at work and our most humble efforts can bear great fruit. Have faith in God   
​      because he has faith in you! ©LPi


Where does the money go that is collected

each week at Church?

    Answer: Every parish has financial obligations, including      the basic operation of the buildings, salaries, maintenance,   and improvements. In addition, there are schools to support,

  programs to run, charities to be funded, and operational     
 expenses like hosts and wine for Mass, music books,   
  vestments, and so on.

   In some cases, cemeteries and other buildings need

   Finally, there is the diocesan assessment that each parish
  pays to help run the diocese and the support services

  provided to each parish. Most parishes manage to get by
  with the collection, a few fundraisers and endowments. But
  contrary to popular opinion, cash flow is also a problem,
  and many parishes operate in the red.

     The Finance Committee/Parish Council is responsible for
​  assisting the pastor in fiscal management, and good         
​     stewardship is the basis for successful programs
. ©LP

​​Giant Food Market  sponsors
“A+ School rewards Program,”
This is an opportunity to 
earn money for 0ur school...
costs you nothing! 

Our school ID is #26471.
Call 888 448-4642  or


      Sponsor a Student at BVM...If you could help a single parent pay  
           tuition for his/her child attending BVM, contact 610-583-2128.

   Another way is to give us the name, phone # and location ofyour employer

   (who if he contributes to the EITC or OSTC & designates a donation to sponsor a    student at BVM) could receive a 70-90% tax crediton their PA income tax.         We would have someone contact your employer  & explain this program. 

  2021, Catholic Schools saved state and local agencies$24 billion!

    While the obligation for Catholics to       attend Sunday Mass will resume this Sunday, Aug. 15 – with the exception of those who have a health risk or are a primary caregiver – it is not merely back to “normal” for faithful of the Philadelphia Archdiocese.
As since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, distribution of the Precious Blood is still suspended, as are exchanges of the Sign of Peace at Mass.
But because of new restrictions by the City of Philadelphia Aug. 12 requiring the use of face masks indoors to mitigate spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, Catholics attending Mass in churches in the city will see some changes this weekend.
Guidelines issued to local clergy by the archdiocesan Office for Divine Worship on Friday, Aug. 13 “strongly encourage”
people to wear a face mask during the Mass “whether vaccinated or not, in the body of the church.”
Vaccinations will not be offered in church, nor will proof of vaccination be checked for congregants.
Priests, deacons and liturgical ministers should not wear a mask in the church sanctuary. But people should remove their face mask before receiving holy Communion, according to the guidelines.
They come ahead of a major initiative next month by the archdiocese to encourage Catholics to return to Mass, titled “Nothing Compares to Being There.”
It is described as an “opportunity for parishes to issue a heartfelt invitation to parishioners to return to the in-person celebration of the Mass after the many long months of the pandemic,” according to the website. “It draws upon the central truth of our Christian faith that Jesus Christ encounters and saves us in the flesh, through in-person presence.”
The Aug. 13 guidelines emphasize that the Catholic liturgy – “the praise and worship of God by his people — is the greatest work of the church carried out in all the parishes and institutions throughout the archdiocese.”
But the guidelines also state the importance of church authorities and all Catholics to take “reasonable measures … to mitigate continually the spread of COVID-19.”

                QUOTES TO REMEMBER

      Keep God in the Family: Teach your

    children to talk to God from their hearts.

    Tell them to let God know how they feel, what   they need, or who they care about. -JMC

     “If you desire faith, then you have faith   

  enough.” -Robert Browning

      “The Eucharist is not just a reward for the   good, but also a strength for the weak and     
​  nourishment for those who hunger for love and                
mercy.” -Pope Francis

  We pray for our beloved deceased and their families and friends.

​                     ​​​​

   Coming soon: You will be able to register in the   

 Parish on our website 

and current parishioners will     

               be able to update or change their info too.

The Mass to Celebrate

the 100th Anniversary of Blessed Virgin MarySchool

That some leaders of our country will not defend the life of a child who survives abortion and is outside the womb. 
​  ~Msgr. Joseph Corley~

​​​      The Hope in Christ: SPIRITUAL SUPPORT for Addiction  
   web-page provides a central location for resources, ongoing         
​        support,   events, and testimonies that are happening
       throughout the   Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
              For more info:

High School Report
We are proud to announce the following students from our parish, who have achieved academic excellence. 

Keep up the good work!
Cardinal O'Hara High School:
First Honors:                   

   Kaia Grant, '22 

                        Maxwell Nguyen, '22
                                     Colby Dobson, '24


Congratulations to the following students from Monsignor Bonner/

Archbishop Prendergast High School!

We are very proud of all that they have
accomplished and wish them
​ continued success in the future.​

​First Honors 

           Erickson Cherubin, '21                                              

                    Udodirim Onyemachi '21                                

               Genevieve Marvil-Arakelian, '23

Elwin Serrao, '23

                              Victoria Ugochukwu., '23

Second Honors -

 Immanuel Burnett. '24

 JUNE 29th 2021  marked two years without Msgr. Corley.

If you have a favorite quote/ saying of his to be remembered, please contact Anne at

     Our parish recently hosted over 250 youth and young adults making   
   a cross-country pilgrimage celebrating
World Youth Day.​
 By clicking on the MENU bar above you can learn more about this opportunity to know about our Catholic Youth
and their commitment to Christ. 

    ChooseNews, Opinions and Parish Happeningsto learn more.

​I choose to follow the lead of Jesus, who trusted in the

Father’s love, lived the ‘Good News’ of a future based on

faith, hope and love.          Pray for hope.” -JMC

Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez encourages the faithful of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to spend this year growing closer to Saint Joseph by honoring him, imitating his virtues, and asking for his intercession. Guidelines pertaining to the Archdiocese observance of the

“Year of Saint Joseph” developed jointly by Office for the New Evangelization and the Office for Divine Worship were recently shared with all priests and deacons of the Archdiocese. These guidelines have been provided to assist in the development of local observances

In order for us to communicate with our parishioners, we are asking that you contact the rectory with your current email address and cell phone number so that we can add/update this information to our database. You can reach us by calling the rectory or email bvmrectory2@rcn with your info. We will NOT share your info with anyone. This is simply needed to allow us to communicate with you should the need arise. If no one is available, you can leave a message. If you do not have an email address, you can stay connected through Extraordinary Ministers, family members, neighbors, or friends. Our Parish Bulletin is always available to you in the Rectory Office or by requesting a copy in the mail. For those who have a computer, you can also obtain a copy on our website at WWW.BVM-DARBY.COM

Thank you for helping us all stay connected. 

Upcoming will be new ways for you to give electronically, Update/register online, register for upcoming Baptisms and Marriage or request.

 Dedication of BVM Hall

"Msgr. Corley Hall"  
in memory of Msgr. Joseph M. Corley
The BVM Hall dedication

took place on

October 25, 2020.​​​


    Congratulations!! ...

     to the BVM School Children

who received the Sacrament of  First Penance

 at BVM Church.

 Also, a Very Special Thank You to

  Fr. Mariano and Sister Rita Lenihan

        for their time and dedication

 preparing the children for the Sacrament.

Consider joining our Adult Choir.

​(Because of the Covid 19 virus our choir is not presently active.)

We practice every Sunday
         at 10 AM
in the choir loft.

"He who sings prays twice." -St. Augustine

     Updating Parish Records:

Merion Mercy Academy

Distinguished Honors


Grace Jones, 12th Grade.


Additional Spiritual Opportunities

September 10-12: Amata Days Vocation Weekend

(A retreat for girls in grades 10-12 to discern their vocation). “Discerning your call to religious life”
​       Location: St. Agnes Church Sellersville, PA.

          For more info and registration: 215.804.7975.

Every Monday Evening The Pontifical Mission Society  hosts the ARCHDIOCESAN ROSARYfor the end of the Coronavirus and Renewal of the Church on Monday Evenings, from 8:00-8:30 PM to pray the World Mission Rosary and meet missionaries serving in foreign lands, as they lead us in prayer and share their Mission experience. For a FREE Mission Magazine, Email: or visit their website:


We wish to Congratulate the following children       

 from BVM School and PREP program

        who made their First Holy Communion

   on Sunday, May 2nd

  Dukens Civil,  Timothy Domeika, 

Adrien  Fondong,  Serenity Holloway,  Claudia King, 

  David Monseray,   Michelle Tucker

 We thank BVM 2nd Grade teacher, Ashley Zinar     Marie Sharkey (PREP Program),      

  & Sister Rita Lenihan

for their preparation of       
  these children for this sacrament.

        The children of BVM Parish
      received three sacraments this year:



and First Communion.

As we conclude PREP year 2020-2021, we wish to acknowledge those teaching in and

administrating the PREP program for their instruction in the faith and for providing the foundation on which these younger members grow into full participation in the Church.

    Members of the PREP program are:

  David Biche, Marie Sharkey, Christina Herb,

  and Director of PREP, Rodrigue Asseu.

         We thank you and may God bless you always!

EMAILS NEEDED for Parish Mailings.

Please send an email with your name, address and phone number to Anne at​​


Pray the Rosary

Type your paragraph here.

Celebrating over 100 years of  Faith, Hope, Love and Community.

           1101 Main Street, Darby, PA 19023-1407     
      Rectory   610-583-2128       Fax   610-583-9829

            ​PARISH GIVING ONLINE is now available!
                      This makes giving easier on you, and we are   
      grateful for your support throughout the year which     
      helps sustain our church.
     Text   givetobvm   to    73256


               Updated guidelines regarding COVID-19

      by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (May, 2021)

 Please keep several pews between yourself and the person in front of you before and after receiving the Body of Christ. We ask that everyone receive Holy Communion in the hand at this time and to consume the host immediately. (Please remove your face covering or mask before receiving Holy Communion

PfizerVaccinations(FREE)The Delaware County COVID-19 .   
    Any Questions: contact the Delaware County COVID-19
    Call  Center at (484) 276-2100, or email:     


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

   The words spoken at the Consecration of the Mass resonate deeply in our souls. This is my Body which will be given up for you. This is the chalice of my Blood...which will be poured out for you. At every Mass, we bear witness to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Through the gift of the Eucharist, which the Lord instituted at the Last Supper, we receive His pure and boundless love over and over again. As Catholics, we believe that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ. Such a precious gift deserves our reflection and appreciation. It’s not something we can experience virtually.

            Christ’s presence in the Eucharist is real,

  and our personal presence is required to receive it.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes to our lives, to our routines, and even to our Sunday worship. For a period of time we were not able to be personally present for the celebration of Sun-day Mass at all. For the last several months, many have been a part of Sunday Mass through live streaming. Now, as the pandemic wanes and restrictions are lifting, I invite all the faithful of the Archdiocese to make their way back to the in-person celebration of the Mass. As helpful as live streaming was during the difficult months of the pandemic,

                       when it comes to the Mass,

                “nothing compares to being there”.

      Today, I am pleased to announce an Archdiocesan initiative based on this truth and called “Nothing Compares to Being There”. It will involve the entire Archdiocese and feature an invitation for everyone to recognize more profoundly the irreplaceable need to be in person for the celebration of Sunday Mass. During the summer months, pastors and parish leaders will be preparing a heartfelt invitation to their communities and together we will issue this invitation in September 2021. While the fullness of this invitation happens in September, even now I encourage you, “Nothing compares to being there”.

    Come home to the in-person celebration of Mass. May God pour out His Spirit upon us and enkindle in us a renewed desire to be present at the Eucharistic Feast.

       Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

               Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez, D.D.       
                        Archbishop of Philadelphia



The St. Vincent DePaul Society is in need of volunteers at our

Food Cupboard on Monday and Thursday mornings

between 8:30 am and 10:00 am.

Please join us in our ministry to serve the people of our area. There are brothers and sisters in our community who need help feeding their families. Please pray about it, and if you have an hour to volunteer please call Cathy 610-848-8080.

We are located in the old school building on MacDade Blvd.


to Our First Communicants.

 Blessed Virgin Mary ~  ​a parish ALIVE!


We are in need of Lector’s and Eucharistic Ministers

to help assist at weekend Masses. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the sheet located in the back of Church with your name, number and availability for Saturdays or Sundays.

(1-877 724 3258)

Stay well; wear a mask and social distance!​

  Regular Sunday...BVM/ST.LOUIS...September 12,2021...$4130.00

             Last Year...BVM/ST. LOUIS, September 13, 2020 ... $3780.00

            E-Giving(Abundant): August,2021.........$1865.00

~~ To Our Parishioners ~~

You may notice that some slideshows of Monsignor Corley and other parish happenings have been removed from this Home Page.  They can be found by clicking on one of these buttons

       ("Remembering Father Corley" & "Former Happenings") 

in our website menu at the top of this page.

Please sign up for Flocknote!

  We'd like to have your email and cell number if possible!       Flocknote gives the parish the ability to quickly contact many parishioners.
Text BVMFLOCK to 84576 to sign up to receive the latest news that is happening in and around our parish!



H. Abram, Rodrique Asseu, Jackie Blong, Chuck Bradford, John Cacchione, Neva Denton, Larry Doran, Claudette Gia, Helen Graci, Art Kelly, Joseph Kersaint, Linda Laws, Sekaday Mator, 
Sister Virginia Paschall, ​Annette Pickett 


Help Wanted

 BVM Catholic School, Darby, PA 19023 

       Part-Time Library Aide  for a few hours            
                         2-3 days per week.     Stipend pay

            CONTACT   Sister Virginia  Paschall, Principal.
                   PH ǁ 610.583.2128

                            FAX ǁ 610.586.1582   

         POSITION TYPE: Part-Time, Permanent 
         CONTACT   Sister Virginia  Paschall, Principal.

   ​Around Darbywood

Room available: Sept 1st for rent in Yeadon PA, contact Cecelia at 610.623.6360 for more info.

Amata Days Vocation Weekend (A retreat for girls in grades 10-12 to discern their vocation). September 10-12: “Discerning your call to religious life” Location: St. Agnes Church Sellersville, PA. For more info or registration, cal 215.804.7975.

Visiting Angels: Havertown, PA - is now hiring full/part-time caregivers. For more info: or call:


Pre-Cana Classes - St. Cyprian Church, Philadelphia, PA. October 16. For more info, or to register call 215- 747-3250.

Students of all ages are welcome for a brief prayer and blessing service to start off the new school year! Date: Friday, September 17;

     Time: 3:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)

   Location: Miraculous Medal Shrine

 (Secure parking is available at the Miraculous  Medal Shrine Parking Lot)

      Sister Virginia Paschall

    ...our wonderful principal.

    Thank you for all you do 
               to make BVM  the best place
                       ​to learn, grow and worship!


 It means “Welcome,” “Peace,”  “Hello,” and “Good-bye” in many languages. - USA by Neil Diamond in “The African Trilogy”

   Archdiocese of Philadelphia 

​ Live broadcast on its website 

E.I.T.C  Do you know that you, as an individual or company, can designate some of your tax money to help support Catholic Schools like BVM?     

                 For more info, call ​Sister Virginia at 610-789-8503

  BVM Luncheon for our Police and Front Line Workers!

      We are in need of food for the Aid for Friends.
      Utensils needed for preparing the food 
​        available at the Rectory.​

Please consider sharing with our friends in need.


to our BVM School Students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation

on March 1st in BVMChurch.


Mariama Maria Goretti Abu   Michaella Agnes Abu

Cordelia Bakhita Adenuga      Ronald Augustine Aikens

Larenzo Francis Blaise             Rose Kensa Civil

Chelsea Boniface George         Isabella Clare Herb   

 Mary Philomena Koroma     Amanna Martin Njoku Chidindu Augustine Njoku     Uchechi Luke Nwegbo

Janik Joan Witty       

Wishing you all of God’s Blessings!

Thank you to Bishop McIntyre, Fr. Mariano
and Msgr. David for a beautiful Mass.

And a special thanks to Sister Rita Lenihan
for all her hard work and time
preparing for the celebration.

The following is a copy of an article which was published by the Archdiocese at its online site,

#BVMSTRONG   BVM has been Awarded a Bishop’s Grant to assist 
those students entering 2nd to 7th grade who do not currently attend a Catholic Elementary School
and would like to experience a safe, Christ-centered environment that fosters positive values, good academics including STEM & Google for education, great personal & social growth.                                               ($1500 tuition grant)

Blessed Virgin Mary Church

  BVM School...

​                 Where we strive for EXCELLENCE!

 We are so excited to announce that Blessed Virgin Mary School has a  Neumann Scholar!  Congratulations, Elwin!