Blessed Virgin Mary Church

      1101 Main Street                                                                                          Rectory   610-583-2128
      Darby, Pa   19023-1407                                                                                     Fax          610-583-9829

E.I.T.C  Do you know that you, as an individual or company , can designate some of your tax money to help support Catholic Schools like BVM?

For more info, call Fr. Corley, Sister Virginia or Judi at 610-789-8503


  Our Pastor, Father Joseph M. Corley, was awarded by the Delaware County Foundation for Catholic Education, induction into its Hall of Fame for his support and dedication to Catholic Education.   Congratulations, Father Corley.   Thank you  for all you do for our children and families at BVM School!  A great place to learn, grow and worship!

                                         ~~~Mark Your Calendar ~~~

 SEPT. 23 rd -
Spaghetti dinner,6:00-8:15 PM, BVM hall.
                             Cost: $5 adults; $2 children; $8 at the door.

SEPT. 24 th - Unity Team meets, 9:30 AM 

SEPT.  24 th - Choir practice begins, 9:45 AM. 

SEPT. 30 th - Teens meet in BVM Hall, 6:30-8:30 PM, call to register.  
OCT. 3 rd -  
 “Bonds of Love” in Rectory, 7 PM

                           for those who have lost a loved one.  
OCT. 25 th -
  Bible Study, how to read the Gospels,
                               7:00-8:00 PM in the rectory.  


 We are in need of food for the Aid for Friends.
      Utensils needed for preparing the food

                    are available at the  Rectory.​

    Please consider sharing with our friends in need.

 Blessed Virgin Mary - a parish ALIVE!

​ If interested, please call school 610-586-0638
​         or the rectory 610-583-2128 to order one.

​ALSO -  If  you have a picture of school,
​        could you let me borrow them for a DVD?      Fr. Corley.  

Members of BVM Women's Association                         sponsored a visit to

   The Immaculate Conception Shrine

     in Phila., PA on August 12th, 2017.

        Our School’s100th Anniversary Celebration

October 15, 2017  --  at 11:00 AM

                                         (Mass  & Open House).

November 24, 2017, dinner & dancing
  at Springfield Country Club.      
 Get your tickets now!
Call Fr. Corley  (610 583-2128)
                                             or   Sister Virginia ( 610-586-0638) .

                   In  our daily lives we must see that
             it is not happiness that makes us grateful,

          but gratefulness that makes us happy. 

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     ​Catholic Charities       >
Click here to view video of all the many ways
Catholic Charities, with your donations, helps those in need.

Sponsor a Student at BVM...If you could help a single parent pay tuition for his/her child attending BVM, contact Fr. Corley 610-583-2128. Another way is to give us the name, phone # and location of your employer (who if he contributes to the EITC or OSTC & designates a donation to sponsor a student at BVM) could receive a 70-90% tax crediton their PA income taxWe would have someone contact your employer & explain this program.Last year, Catholic Schools saved state and local agencies $24 billion! ​

~~ Holy Week ~~  

Join the Giant Markets A+ school rewards program                 (this program helps raise funds for our school)

                  Use the ID code 26741 for BVM School.  

       Call 888 448-4642   or

Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Darby


       Searching For God?

Hungry for some spiritual meaning 
 and purpose in your life? 
If you do not belong to another church,

join us on Sunday at 11 AM

Blessed Virgin Mary Parish

Celebrating over 100 years of

Faith, Hope, Love and Community.

Consider joining our Adult Choir.

We practice every Sunday
         at 10 AM
in the choir loft.

"He who sings prays twice." -St. Augustine

​  Please Pray for Our Deceased

Chad Andrews & Lorraine Holmes.  

The St. Charles Seminary's School of Theological Studies (STS).
 is interested in obtaining opinions from a broad demographic range within our Archdiocese about its course offerings.

We are honored to present

the statue entitled,

"Mary, Queen of Africa".

 This statue was sculpted
​by a retired missionary,

     Rev. Leonard Carrieri, M.SS.CC.